A Foundation on Simplicity

Borough - A Foundation on Simplicity
With more and more brands moving towards cheaper, rough synthetic fabrics and an affinity for trends, our vision was to reimagine our approach to fashion. So we set out to create garments that were built to last for the long haul by using high-quality materials, timeless design, and an attention to detail. 

When creating the perfect garment, it all starts with high-quality materials. We use 100% USA-grown cotton as the foundation for many of our garments because of its soft, durable, long-grain fibers. This quality ensures a final product that is slightly structured initially, but improves with every wash and wear.

Much of our production is held in the United States, combining innovative technologies and excellent craftsmanship. This approach to production allows us to craft a higher quality garment while working with factories that pay their workers above the minimum wage and benefits. With the use of these resources, we're able to refine the modern wardrobe with garments that are designed timelessly and built responsibly.
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